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iModela Childrens 3d Printer

The iModela iM-01 is a small 3D printer designed especially for children. The printer comes with a number of pre-programmed cuddly toy characters that can be printed with ease via the software that is included. The design software even enables you to create and print your own unique characters.

The iModela iM-01 is manufactured by Japanese company Roland DG and costs around $1,000 (software included). It is small and connects to your PC via the USB port.

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iModela Childrens 3d Printer

iModela Childrens 3d Printer

The printer consumes a mixture of plastic, wax, balsa wood, and foam to print out the figures, which you can then paint and personalise.

The video below gives a demonstration of how to produce a 3D model using the iModela.

Origo 3D printer

The iModela iM-01 joins other printers aimed primarily at children such as the Origo 3D printer. The Origo is an FDM extruder-type 3D printer in funky purple plastic, with ergonomically pleasing rounded corners. The Origo should retail at around $800.

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