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Objet Connex 3D Printer

3D Printer company Objet manufacture Connex 3D Printers. There are a range of Connex 3D printers, from cost-effective desktop 3D printers ideal for home-based workers all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for large manufacturers.

Pictured above right is the Eden260V 3D printer. It is based on Objet's innovative PolyJet™ technology. The Eden260V can build any geometry – easily, quickly, cleanly and accurately. Models produced on the Eden260V are smooth and durable, with a high degree of detail and an quality surface finish.

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Objet Connex 3D Printer

Objet Connex 3D Printer

Objet's 3D printers boast some of the highest-resolution 3D printing quality in the industry. This level of reolution is enabled by 16-micron super-thin layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation.

Objet have won 12 awards in 5 years, based on over 110 patents and patent pending inventions.

objet connex 350

The Objet Connex 350 (above) is out of the price range of most hobbyists, costing around £100,000. The unique selling point of the 350 is that it can print two materials at the same time, which means it can mix colours, although the choice of coloured resins is limited. An object can have 14 levels of flexibility within it, and this machine is therefore ideal for making bendy things. The Objet Connex 350 has a resolution iof 600 dpi for the X and Y axes and 1600 dpi for the Z axis. The build area is 34.2 x 43.2 x 20cm.

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