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Buildatron 1 3D Printer

Buildatron Systems' Buildatron 1 3D represents another affordable 3D printer suitable for home use.

Buildatron 1 is a social network driven DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D printer kit built using high quality parts developed from the RepRap community, and as a result its is reasonably affordable for a 3D printer. Models initially retailed at $2,000 for the fully assembled machine and $1,200 for the DIY social assembly edition run through the Build Lab. A strength of the social network approach to development is the design and research that went into creating a "clean system" that just works. Buildatron 1 is aimed at both workshops and home environments.

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Buildatron 1 3D Printer

Buildatron 1 3D Printer

Buildatron 1 includes a proprietary in-case filament feed systems utilizing 1.75mm PLA or ABS plastic filament. It is has plug-and-play capabilities and is supported via Buildatron's social network gateway "Build Lab".

Visit the Buildatron website for more information.

Buildatron was developed with sustainability as a consideration and Buildatron Systems encourage localised personal manufacturing and the use of recyclable non-toxic eco-friendly plastics and materials. Printers 3D.

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