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3D Printer Refills

Depending on the model and type of your 3D printer there is a vast array of materials you can 3D print with. A selection of materials are listed below:

The most common type of home 3D printers are extruders and they regularly use ABS plastic and PLA plastic, with refills often coming in the form of 1.75 or 3mm spools of filament.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) printers use a laser to fuse together a powder, or liquid gel, in selected areas. This type of techonolgy can be used to print a great variety of materials including ceramic, metal or glass. See below for more.

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3D Printer Refills

3D Printer Refills

All of the materials below have been used as feed materials in 3D printers:

  • ABS Plastic - A strong & tough material with the highest level of dimensional accuracy.
  • PLA plastic - as above. Can also be recycled
  • Polyamide - A strong and flexible material with a high level of detail.
  • Alumide - Polyamide-like material with a distinctive look.
  • Multicolor - A full color material.
  • High detail resin - Able to produce fine details on this photopolymer.
  • Paintable resin - Designed to hold paint
  • Transparent resin - A see through material.
  • Titanium - Light and the strongest 3D printing material in the world.
  • Stainless steel - A strong and durable material
  • Silver - Sterling Silver
  • Gold - 18 carat solid gold
  • Prime gray - A very smooth material, detailed and “luxurious” to the touch
  • Concrete - Ideal for building materials and employed by very large specially designed 3D printers
  • Glass - A powerful laser can fuse common sand to produce glass objects
  • Electrical Conductors - A 3D printer that can print electrical conductors can make its own circuit boards and other electrical products
  • Food - There are a number of syringe based 3D printers such as the Essential Dynamics Imagine 3D Printer that will print chocolate, cheese and all sorts of organic materials
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