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3D Printed Games Workshop Warhammer Figures

These 3D printed figures were created using an affordable home desktop 3D printer, such as the MakerBot. The figures are styled on Games Workshop's range of fantasy figures used to play tabletop wargames, such as Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

The 3D printer has made a great job of reproducing the original Games Workshop designs, although there is some banding effect which is common in 3D printing, however the finish can be optimised by liberal sanding and other post-print treatments.

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3D Printed Games Workshop Warhammer Figures

3D Printed Games Workshop Warhammer Figures

3D Printed Games Workshop Figures

Higher resolutions can be achieved by the use of a 3D printing service, such as Shapeways, who use Selective Laser Sintering rapid prototyping machines. Users can simply upload the designs, pick their materials and pay.

The reproduction of relatively expensive items, such as Games Workshop Warhammer figures does raise issues of copyright. Games Workshop have already issued DMCA takedown notices against Thingiverse, a site where users share designs.

According to the legal notices, Games Workshop do not mind customers scratch-building figures, as long as they do not sell them or substitute them for Games Workshop miniatures in official tournaments.

3D Printed Games Workshop Dreadnaught

Above: The offending Dreadnaught model taken down by Thingiverse.

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